Sunday, January 22, 2006


What’s the time?

Jan 11 - 1:00 AM-
I was still at work finishing up a bitchy proposal when I logged on to the Chicago website, only to find a “Denied” decision posted over there. Apparently, all the denied decisions got posted at 1:00 AM by mistake. Now, as you guys can imagine, that news pretty much fuc*ed up my sleep and my proposal that night. I knew that my background and my future goals were not Chicago GSB type but I still applied over there because of the flexible curriculum and the Chicago city. I guess these reasons are not good enough to be admitted to a top 10 school :)

Jan 11 - around 1:00 PM-
Despite the denied decision from Chicago and a sleepless night, I somehow managed to get an approval from all the senior managers for my business proposal. As I was walking out of the conference room at around 1:00 PM, my phone started ringing. I answered the phone and it was an AdCom person from Michigan with the good news. Well, that news took the edge off the earlier blow. The roller coaster ride for me on that day was amazing. I started the day with a real bad news and ended it in a club partying with my friends and girlfriend. My girlfriend was really happy that day because she doesn’t like GSB at all and didn’t want me to go over there.

Jan 16 - 1:00 PM-
My dream school, Kellogg, puts me on the waitlist. Now, I am not sure what should I do. Should I keep fighting this waitlist battle or should I just opt out of the waitlist and go to Michigan or Duke. Michigan and Kellogg are pretty much the same type of programs. Also, the starting salaries and percentage of graduates employed is also the same for both schools. Kellogg has a slightly better brand name and it is close to the city I love but Michigan is a great school and its reputation is on an upswing. Also, by the time I graduate in 2008, you never know what would the new building do for the Michigan reputation.

Thursday, January 05, 2006



It is a little scary to think that in a week and a half, I will know the admission decisions from all the schools that I have applied to (except for Stern, but I don’t care for that one now since NYU was below Duke in my preference list…unless Stern offers me some good scholarship :).

The New Year started on a good note. My girlfriend and I went to an amazing party at one of our friend’s place for New Year, I won a great project (at work) that I had bid for, my team (Redskins) got into playoffs, and Texas won the championship. I hope the good times continue….

I still haven’t heard anything from Kellogg. Kellogg was my first application and although the content of my Kellogg essays is good, the essays are not edited very well. Moreover, I did not mention some of my interesting internship etc. related work experience in Kellogg application. The duration of my full-time work experience is below average and not mentioning my undergraduate internships and graduate research assistant work might hurt my chances because Kellogg is one of the schools that care a lot about the length of work experience. Wish me luck guys!!!

Every time I check my email, I pray to god that I don’t see a mail from Kellogg in there. At least, in less than two weeks all this will be over.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Golf Saturday

I have never been this tensed in my life. The wait for Kellogg decision is absolutely brutal. I check my emails a gazillion times a day. I have changed a word in the White Stripes song and always keep singing “I've been thinking 'bout my [phone]bell when you gonna ring it?......I know…what a nerd I have become. So, now it’s either a mail (reject) or a phone ring (accept)…we’ll see….Wish Me Luck!!!!
So, this last weekend was a welcome relief as Kellogg would not release decisions over the weekend…or so I think. I took full use of this weekend and went out for Golf and hit a sweet 84….
Now you guys might be thinking two things. First, who the hell goes out for golf when the temperature outside is 45, and Second, why is this person so happy even after hitting an 84?
To answer your first question, well….let’s just say that I am a “golfaholic”, so are a few of my friends. I started playing golf two years ago and since then have been addicted to it. The only thing I can think of during free time is my golf swing and the definition of a perfect weekend is a nice round of golf…..I hope my girlfriend is not reading this. And to answer your second question, I am so happy after hitting an 84, because this is my best score yet. Before this it was 87. So, even though I did not break 80..70..whatever, I still loved my round. I hope to become a scratch golfer one day!!! Ahh….sweet dreams.
Anyways, the best hole was this 360 yards Par 4. I used my 3 iron from the tee and carried my ball around 200 yards..right in the center of the fairway. From there, I hit a nice shot with my 7 iron and the ball landed just 4 feet from the hole…..and I ended up finishing that hole with a birdie…..I felt so good.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Duke - Update

I AM IN!!!!!!
I am so excited right now…
I opened my Inbox around noon and saw an email from Duke asking me to check my status online. Now, I know that Kellogg sends emails to rejected applicants and calls the admitted applicants. I thought that Duke might be doing the same thing because from what I have heard about Duke, last year they called all the admitted applicants.
I gathered all my courage and went to Duke website to check my decision (At this time I was sure that I was rejected).......but but but..there it was.... a nice message congratulating me!!!!
Ahhh....what a relief. Now I won't feel bad about not working a single minute the whole day :) Tonight I am going to Adams Morgan (DC) with my girlfriend and some other friends to celebrate. It's been a long time since I got really really really drunk.....tonight is the night to do that... :)
I just got a call from Duke also, about the decision. They told me that they intentionally did this…I mean; they told everyone that they will release decisions on Friday but actually released it on Thursday.


Waiting for Duke Result

So, Duke is going to release decisions tomorrow. I just can't work today as it is impossible for me to concentrate on anything. All I am doing is thinking about my application, my interview and Duke acceptance percentage.
I have more confidence on Chicago and Kellogg applications than Duke application because Kellogg and Chicago had more essays, so I was able to show more of my personality on their applications.
Duke only had three essays. I tried my best, but somehow I am not very confidant about my Duke application.
I am not sure, what was the acceptance percentage for Duke in 2005. In 2004 it was 38%. Anyways, somehow I will try to go through the workday, by visiting Business Week website and my emails, a gazillion times :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Gonna throw away my phone

Well, so Kellogg has started sending out the decisions. Till now, only two people on Business Week forum got the result.
From what I understand, if a person gets rejected then he/she gets an email and if a person gets accepted then the person gets a phone call. (My conclusion is based on the data from two people :)
Anyways, last night around 8:30 I got a call from Chicago area. Just looking at the phone number I jumped off the couch but it turned out to be a work related call.
I hate this time……

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Finished my Applications

So, yesterday I submitted my final application.....Stern. Now, I have Chicago interview left and then I have Stern interview (I hope they call me).

After these two interviews, I will be completely done with my applications and then it's decision time......Actually, the decision time will come before the NYU interview (If I get one), as Duke is releasing decisions on Dec 16!!!!!!

It's time to cross my fingres and start praying.....

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Approaching the end

Ah well...
After 4 submitted applications and 3 interviews, I can say that I am closing in to the end of the application process.
I am thinking about not applying to Tepper at all because of several reasons that I don't want to mention here.
Today, I finished my third draft to Stern essay-2, so Stern should be done pretty soon too as I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with the third essay. I have my Chicago interview early next month and then hopefully a Stern interview.
Damn, it sucks to think that I have already spent more than 6-7 months in this MBA application stuff and it's not even sure that I will join an MBA.

Anyways, I can feel good by saying that this whole proccess was very educational....

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